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Malfus: Necromancer Unchained

Malfus’s past has finally caught up with him. He’s a renegade, an outlaw, a necromancer. Now he’s a prisoner.


He’s been captured by Inquisitor Deza, to be tried, tortured, and executed for his crimes. But they’re ambushed by half-hyena marauders, forcing them to take refuge with a heavily wounded battalion already under siege by the monsters.


Deza only cares about his mission. But another assault by the marauders would be a death sentence for the battalion. The only option remaining is to free Malfus and to raise an army of the dead.


But will the dead be enough to save the living?

Find out in Malfus: Necromancer Unchained, a grimdark fantasy novel set in a world filled with undead, zealous inquisitors, and ancient evil.

Malfus: Necromancer Unchained
Wild Forest

Prequel Short Story to Malfus: Necromancer Unchained

Malfus is a rogue necromancer with nothing to his name except his spellbook.

Forced to leave his old life behind, he finds himself starving and alone in a strange land.

His luck turns a corner when he stumbles across a body-strewn battlefield—but buzzards and crows aren’t the only creatures interested in his find.

As night falls and the mists grow, will his necromancy be enough to face what waits for him in the dark?


This is a prequel short story, introducing the grimdark fantasy novel Malfus: Necromancer Unchained. You can enjoy this story by itself; it is not necessary reading for the novel.


The book also includes a world-map as well as two full-color illustrations of scenes from the upcoming novel, drawn by artist Dejan Delic.

Some things ARC Readers have to say...

"Casey Sutton‘s Greedy as a Ghoul is a gripping prequel that should grab the attention of fans of the genre. Sutton's writing style is engaging and descriptive, and he creates a vivid and immersive world. The author does an excellent job of building a rich and detailed world filled with magic, monsters, and danger. The action scenes are thrilling and well-paced, and the book has a dark and atmospheric tone that adds to the sense of danger and suspense. Malfus is a fascinating protagonist and is both flawed and relatable. His struggle for survival keeps readers captivated from the first page to the last. With a well-written plot, engaging characters, and an atmospheric tone, this is an enjoyable read. The prequel is a great introduction to Malfus, and readers will undoubtedly be eager to pick up the full-length novel when it releases." - Maria Beltran, ARC Reader


"Fantasy lovers who enjoy short stories will find this one to be an absolute treat. Greedy As A Ghoul is a prequel short story to Casey Sutton's upcoming full-length fantasy novel, Malfus: Necromancer Unchained. Sutton creates an intense and terrifying atmosphere within a short amount of pages. The narrative is filled with tension and dread, with monstrous creatures roaming a bleak landscape where you're never sure what you will be up against next. Malfus is a riveting protagonist. It's hinted that he has a tragic backstory which makes him a mystery to unfold. I am eager to learn more about his story in the upcoming novel. Overall, this is a fantastic introduction to this world. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will gladly recommend this book to all fantasy aficionados out there.- Pikasho Deka, ARC Reader

"Greedy as a Ghoul by Casey Sutton should be a hit. It will appeal to thrill seekers and action-loving fans. The plot revolves around zombies used as pawns for survival between good and evil. The good guy in this story is the anti-hero. The bad, in this case, is a primordial type of evil. The writing is excellent; the dialogue in the opening chapter was enough to get me hooked. The scene I loved best is where Malfus insists that the set of dead bodies is his. The dialogue with the would-be thieves just before the dead bodies come alive in front of them was epic, resulting in them fleeing like crazy. The orange and blue mind threads acting as mental tethers were a fantastic inclusion in an impressive plot." - Byrone Peters, ARC Reader

"Casey Sutton immerses readers in a world of dark arts and ghastly creatures in this short story. The brief introduction to Malfus allows readers to get a feel for his character and understand the reason behind his desperate need to perfect his necromancy skills. Even the author’s lesser descriptions seem relevant as they represent hidden clues about the plot for Malfus: Necromancer Unchained. This book moves along at a fast pace, leaving the reader eager for the full-length sequel. Sutton provides a map to introduce Ossoria and the Scar and includes two scenes from the next book to tease readers. Greedy as a Ghoul is a great start to a promising story and will attract readers who enjoy dark worlds." - Courtnee Hoyle,  ARC Reader

"Greedy as a Ghoul is for those who wish to forget about the real world and immerse themselves in an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Casey Sutton presents the descriptions of the setting so that they evoke powerful images in your mind and induce strong emotions. You can visualize the crows and vultures leaving the clearing and flying away into the woods as the dead stir to their masters' commands. Things get even more unsettling when the skies grow darker, and rolling mist blurs Malfus' vision. I couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was watching him from the woods. The narrator's voice is primarily in the third person omniscient. He chronologically recounts past events through foreshadowing and even predicts the fate of the characters in the book. The random moments of soliloquy when Malfus was thinking things over made it easy for me to relate to his vulnerabilities. What I admired most about him was how his will to survive and succeed remained strong, even as ancient curses and an enemy driven by utter malice roamed the night. I hope that readers will like him as much as I did. If you are searching for a book to take you on an epic adventure through mesmerizing graphic presentations, this is just the perfect read.- Alex Ndirangu, ARC Reader

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