Night Sky

Malfus: Necromancer Unchained

Malfus the necromancer has finally run out of luck. Not that he had much to begin with. Malfus isn’t “evil” just chronically misunderstood and forced to become a reluctant anti-hero as he tries to escape the clutches of Inquisitor Deza, a hard-nosed, agent of the church who would like nothing more than to see this despicable necromancer hung for his crimes.

However, an army of gnolls may have other plans for them both. Will a common enemy create an unlikely alliance? Or just create an opportunity for the inquisitor or necromancer to gain an edge against the other?

Follow a cast of unforgettable and compelling characters on an unpredictable series of misadventures with a knockout ending!

Northern Lights

Charlie Prince and the Shattered Sword

Young Adult Fantasy Novel
Status: First Draft Finished!! Editing Second Draft

Charlie Prince is just your average, 12-year-old boy with a wild imagination. After an accident back home, he wakes up to find himself in a strange and magical land called Mithe. It is a medieval world filled with anthropomorphic animals instead of people. Mice, squirrels, moles, rabbits, and evil rats, live in castles and wield swords and sorcery in wars against one another.

Charlie finds out that he has a role to play in part of a prophecy that foretells of his arrival to save the land from a curse, and to overthrow the evil Rat King who is terrorizing its inhabitants. In order to do this he has to find the lost pieces of a shattered magical sword and reforge it in order to defeat the Rat King.

He can’t do this all on his own and meets several animal friends and companions along the way who offer him aid, guidance, or help as they travel with him on his quest to reforge the sword and restore Mithe. The story doesn’t just follow Charlie and his journey. It also focuses on some other characters who end up uncovering some of the other sword shards or playing their own roles in the prophecy.

Throughout his journey, Charlie returns back and forth to the real world and Mithe, taking the lessons he learns in Mithe to help him in real life and vice versa as he learns what it takes to be the hero of Mithe, and the hero of his own life.

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Blurry Lights


Screenplay based on a TRUE STORY 
Status: Pilot Episode Script Complete!

Cannibal’s is the untold, unbelievable, but true story of one medical marijuana collective journey during the booming “Green Rush” unregulated Wild West of medical marijuana.

In 2008, California approved the distribution and sale of medical marijuana by qualified “collectives and cooperatives.” By 2009 there were estimated to be over 800 pot shops in LA alone, more than there were schools. 2010 was the peak of the “Green Rush,” the boom of medical marijuana collectives opening throughout California, each one trying to carve out their own slice of the growing multi-billion-dollar industry during its meteoric rise.

This is written as a TV show and the series is based on the true stories and events throughout the life of one of these medical marijuana collectives, named Cannibal’s. It was opened in 2010 by a retired cop and an elementary school teacher who decide to throw their hats in the ring, not knowing they would face opposition at every turn in the form of rival collectives, robberies, break-ins, rogue cops, and employee betrayal; all while struggling to stay open amidst a primarily conservative, county and city legislature, constantly trying to enact laws, measures, and moratoriums to try to hold back the flood of new collectives opening up on every street corner. Eventually, the city and county would begin a crackdown campaign on cannabis collectives, attempting to close down as many as they could.