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Night Sky

Malfus: Necromancer Unchained

Update: December 2022

I know it’s been quite some time since I sent my last update, and well… I have a lot to update!

The first draft of the book has been finished and is being edited by a fantastic editor who has even worked with Brandon Sanderson and Dan Abnett before! Two of my favorite authors! I am really lucky to get to work with such an experienced professional on this book.

I will be getting the edits back very soon and the book will be ready later in 2023. I don’t have an official date yet, but I will keep you updated on my progress and the timeline for the release! It will also be recorded as an audiobook in partnership with Tantor audio!

Even if you’ve read the first version before on RoyalRoad or Kindle Vella, I guarantee there will be plenty of new surprises as well as a lot more lore from the world and a much more developed magic system. So please come check it out again once the full version is officially released!

In the meantime, while I’ve been waiting for the edits, I started work on the next Malfus novel and poured a lot of work into the world and map! There will definitely be more Malfus stories to come.


Thanks again for signing up! I’m excited to share my world with you.


Happy reading,

Casey Sutton


“A little necromancy never hurt anybody.” -Malfus

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