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Night Sky

Malfus: Necromancer Unchained

Update: May 2023

“Justice begins at mercy’s end.” — Motto of the Vesenian Inquisition 

It’s been a busy last month, but I’m excited to say that the day is nearly upon us!

The cover for Malfus should be done later this month. Most of the formatting is already done, I only need to add a few more of the art pieces that Dejan has done for me and one more piece that’s coming! I also included some new art from him below. It will be going right next to the first page on chapter one!

The audiobook is being recorded and the link for the pre-order is available now here! I am working on figuring out when the pre-orders will be available for the book. It will be available on ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook.

Also, Greedy as a Ghoul, the prequel short story to Malfus is available on Amazon. It isn’t required reading for the novel whatsoever, just a taste of what’s to come!

I’m also busy at work outlining the next novel in Malfus’s story. Still a long way to go, a long way before I’ll be close to done. But I have started work on a few of the scenes already!

Last, if you happen to live near me, in Athens Ohio, there is going to be a coffee with the author event at Donkey Coffee at 7 PM on May 12th! I’ll be reading a few pages from Greedy as a Ghoul, discuss the self-publishing process, and answer any questions on writing! Come say hi if you’re in the area!

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